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The Engineering specification system for structural and civil projects including commercial, industrial and larger residential buildings as well as major earthworks, roading and infrastructure.

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Designed by experts Masterspec Structural & Civil library has been designed by industry experts specifically to enable the specification of structural and civil engineering component for construction projects. The system provides pre-formatted libraries of specification clauses that can be pre-edited with a Q&A tool to generate clear, correct, complete specifications that match your project. The clauses are short, the language concise.
Typical Users Engineers and Designers of larger building projects and infrastructure projects
Typical Project Commercial, industrial, residential structures and sub-divisions, roading etc. 
Complexity Suitable for technically complex projects
These are guidelines only. Selecting the right specification system is an important risk management decision.
Over 450 work sections Structural & Civil includes general sections for most common NZS contracts, and over 420 technical work sections.
CBI classification and coding The structure of Standard follows CBI, the classification and coding system established by ACBINZ (the Association for Co-ordinated Building Information in New Zealand). Clauses appear under 4 division headings: GENERAL, PRODUCTS, EXECUTION and SELECTIONS.
Referencing correct NZBC requirements and up to date NZ Standards All sections carefully reference the applicable parts of the NZ Building Code, correct NZ Standards and reflect industry Codes of Practice. This helps ensure a successful project outcome and supports your practice risk management.
Generic and branded options There are both generic and branded work sections for the majority of the various items of work. This provides the option of specifying from a generic base, with product detail provided by the specifier, or using brand specific sections with the majority of the product detail already conveniently included.
Consistent format

All Masterspec work sections are presented in the same consistent manner. Work sections from other Masterspec libraries (with the exception of Minor Residential) may, with due care, be used in conjunction with Masterspec Structural & Civil.

Range of electronic formats Masterspec is accessed via Masterspec NextGen2, our intuitive, cloud-based online platform. It features:
  • Powerful editing tools
  • Automatic scheduling
  • Office Masters
  • Automatic notification of updates
  • Q&A's to pre-edit your section
  • Automatic delivery of subject-specific product data and links
  • The ability to link to your drawing set keynotes via Masterspec MasterKey.
The original Masterspec Link tool, providing limited electronic functionality, can be accessed through current versions of Microsoft® Word.
User Guides User guides and videos for both PC and Mac are available.
Guidance Notes To assist with customising the text, comprehensive non-printing guidance notes are embedded in the work sections. These help with useful technical information, options that may be available and, for branded sections, product options.

Section updates Section updates are released on the 1st of the month. Masterspec highlights any changed sections and provides an easy Update Tool, with one-click adoption of each change to your current project. Change to data is triggered by:
  • changes to legislation, Standards or regulations
  • changes to the NZ Building Code documents
  • changes in the preferred approach to technical issues
  • changes to work practices
  • the availability of new materials or products
  • subscriber requests for additional coverage
On-going contact with subscriber Contact with subscribers is encouraged, please contact us via phone, e-mail or Online enquiry form.  Masterspec also offers a series of Technical specification writing workshops, held nationally on a twice-yearly basis.
News Bulletins Masterspec NOTES, our monthly newsletter, covers important updates on critical specification issues, details of forthcoming industry and legislative changes, items of national and international interest and issues raised by our subscribers.

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