Have you already got access to up-to-date Standards Online? If not we thought it time to bring you a refresher on how easy it is to access, search for and download Standards within Masterspec if you have Standards Online as part of your subscription. It really is as easy as 1-2-3.

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1.         To look at a Standard that is available through Standards Online in Masterspec, either;

Control-Click on the linked Standard
(usually blue text) in the Masterspec work section


Click on "Standards on Line" on the Masterspec Linkhome page and then do a search by the Standard number

Both of these methods will take you to the appropriate results page and show the Standard(s) with that number.
If necessary refine your Search results on the panel on the left hand of the page.

2.         Click on the specific Standard you want to go to that Standard’s detail page.

3.         Click on the 'View pdf' icon to view and download that specific Standard.

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 Click here to subscribe to Standards Online from just $195 plus GST per year


The ‘Search Results’ list shows the current status of  the Standard, the Latest Amendment date, the Number of Amenedments and, by rolling over the ‘Judge’s Gavel’ icon (if present) any New Zealand Legislation referenced by the Standard.

Once through to the listing for the Standard here are a number of other features you should be aware of

1.         Table of Contents. If available

2.         Supersedes. This lists any previous Standard that this Standard replaces.

3.         Standard Status. Either Current, Draft, Superseded or Withdrawn

4.         References. Links to documents that this Standard refers to

5.         Citations. A list of NZ legislation that this Standard referes to

6.         ICS Codes. The International Classification Code for this Standard

For further information
View List of Standards PDF 99Kb
Subcription Agreement PDF 80Kb
Subsciption Fee Schedule PDF 88Kb

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