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Fast and easy to use...

Simple “Q&A” section so you only input what you need and reduce your editing time.

Simple interface that links to Microsoft and Mac Word

With product selections upfront your builder will find it easier to understand your design decisions!


Designed by expert specifiers for NZ conditions and codes

Accurate & up to date content.

Less problem with the consent process!

Up to date...

Updated regularly to ensure every section remains current and incorporates any changes to legislation or construction practice.

Keep specifying time to a minimum and help reduce issues involved in the consent process by using the most trusted system on the market – Masterspec. Minor Residential incorporates the Masterspec Next Generation platform. “NextGen” offers a new level of intelligence and efficiency, enabling you to prepare tailored and accurate projects specifications quickly and easily. This is achieved while retaining the key Masterspec advantage of tested and fully maintained specification content.

Accurate specifications rely on referencing the correct and up to date Standards and Codes. Masterspec's arrangement with Standards New Zealand allows section downloads so you can include applicable references into your specification. All Standards Online Library you are guaranteed to be using the latest and 

We are offering this special offer to Architectural Designers, Architect, Builders, Engineers and anyone else who needs to create a quality spec. for a less complex design or build. You can have both packages for the one low price of $390 +gst per year - that works out at  only $7.50 +gst a week, less than a couple of coffees.

*Offer based on an annual fee of $390 plus GST based on a 1 or 2 desk practice - can be paid in installments of $32.50 monthly by arrangement. Conditions apply.

To find out more contact Mark Fairbairn; Phone (09) 631 7044 or email mark@masterspec.co.nz 

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