LBP AND RESTRICTED BUILDING WORK (RBW) The LBP/RBW scheme only applies to Residential buildings that require a Building Consent.  It includes new work and alterations.  Residential work includes buildings from houses to small apartment blocks, they must be under 10m high and have no commercial/industrial facilities.  More detailed information can be found on the MBIE (Building Performance) web site.

For Designers involved in RBW, the simplest and probably the best information/downloads we have seen so far, can be found here:

As an LBP Designer/Registered Architect/Chartered Professional Engineer a Residential Building Consent application will require the designer to fill in a Certificate of Design Work (CDW) or a Memorandum of Design Work (MDW).
There has been concern expressed by some Professional bodies that the MBIE's CDW places too much liability on the signatory. NZIA have proposed the use of a MDW, which removes "certificate" status.
For the Word version of the MDW with NZIA Logo click here. The MBIE version of the CDW can be found here .
For further information
Restricted building work guidance
Memorandun of design work (Word version with NZIA logo) 
Certificate of design work (pdf) 

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